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Semi Truck Repair

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For Mobile Truck Repair in Tacoma WA, don't hesitate to call us!

Semi Truck breakdowns are bound to happen to every truck driver at some point. And even though they are inconvenient, we offer commercial diesel Mobile Truck Repair in Tacoma any time, day or night. When you call, our courteous and professional technicians will be there to help. With fully-supplied diesel truck repair mechanics, we're here to meet your truck repair needs in Tacoma and we'll get you back on the road quickly!

Each of our service vehicles is equipped with the tools to get you back on the road ASAP. Technicians can repair your semi-truck or trailer on-site to get you back on the road and minimize your downtime.

Truck Repair Tacoma

Body and Trim Repair

Body components such as bumpers, wing flaps, fenders, and marker lights can take a real beating during delivery, and loose parts can wreak havoc on the road. Does your truck qualify for a ‘Honk if parts fall off’ bumper sticker?

Pneumatic System Repair

Brake hand valves, air hoses, and other pneumatic parts could put you under serious pressure if neglect leads to an accident.

Suspension Repair

Heavy loads and rough terrain can take a toll on your truck's suspension while creating costly repairs when rolling gear and suspension components wear out or fail completely.

Roadside Semi Truck Repair Tacoma

Technical Inspections

Trailer control and other cargo issues can cause your truck to fail a technical inspection, which can leave you stuck with a truck that isn't road-ready, which means you can't haul loads and earn your paycheck.

Electrical System Repair

Headlights, trailer lamps, waterproof boxes, fuses, relays, batteries, and alternators are among the most common electrical truck repairs.

Power Liftgate Repair

Don’t let a neglected lift gate leave you and your cargo sitting on the dock. We can service all makes and models of lift gates to get you unloaded and back on the road quickly.

Refrigeration system maintenance.

Proper climate control is key to protecting your freight, reducing liability, and ensuring repeat business.

Air Brake System Repairs

Brake pad or drum replacement & EBS diagnostics.

Though brake parts are inexpensive, regular brake system maintenance can prevent deadly accidents.